Editions & Pricing
Editions & Pricing
Apps that work together seamlessly in the cloud

Each application solves real problems and delivers real value. But combine them and you get the power and possibilities to transform your business.


Turn relationships into revenue

Sell more, faster with Dynamics 365 for Sales. It brings digital intelligence into each deal, so you can predict customer needs—and meet them with personal attention that builds relationships and revenue. More…


Customer Service

Earn customers for life

Offer world-class customer service that leads to loyalty. Dynamics 365 for Customer Service unifies the way people experience your business—across self-service, peer-to-peer service, and assisted service. More…



Big growth for big businesses

Increase your speed of doing business. The complete ERP tools in Dynamics 365 for Operations provide global scalability and digital intelligence to help you grow at your pace. More…



Your whole business, a single system

Get a complete business and financial management solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Dynamics 365 for Financials makes ordering, selling, invoicing, and reporting easier—starting on day one. More…


Field Service

Master the service call

Turn service calls into a strategic advantage with Dynamics 365 for Field Service. It provides everything your teams need—from optimized scheduling to predictive maintenance. More…


Project Service Automation

Profit from your projects

Run your project-based business more productively and profitably using Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation. It helps you successfully manage your projects—and satisfy your clients.More…



Make marketing smarter

Attract, engage, and retain customers with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing by Adobe Marketing Cloud. Make every marketing interaction intelligent to deliver more personalized content and experiences. More…

Selecting among Dynamics 365 Plans, Apps and Users: 

Options for one or many productsChoices for any type of userEditions for businesses of any size
• Plans: packaged apps for companies whose people need to access multiple apps and want big savings
• Full use: for those whose work requires them to use much of the functionality in the applications
• Enterprise edition: plans and applications for businesses with hundreds to thousands of users
• Applications: individual apps for businesses whose people need access to one Dynamics 365 app• Light use: for those who consume information and complete small tasks in the apps
• Business edition: applications for small and medium-sized organizations with up to a few hundred users (US only availability)

Enterprise Edition Plans and Apps:

Built on an extensible platform with shared data and digital intelligence, Dynamics 365 helps your team make the most of every minute.


Get individual apps that work brilliantly on their own or together—so you can tailor a solution to your needs. And with Business and Enterprise editions, you’re covered from a few employees to thousands.


Help your employees work more efficiently. Dynamics 365 pulls together your business process apps and familiar Microsoft Office 365 tools. Employees can do CRM tasks in Outlook and ERP tasks in Excel.


Improve your decisions with data. With Microsoft Power BI, Cortana Intelligence, and Azure Machine Learning built in, Dynamics 365 helps you and your employees turn big data into actionable plans.


Give your teams easy-to-use applications that provide a single view of your data—and a single platform for business growth. They all work with Microsoft PowerApps and Microsoft Flow.

Most affordable

Get light use and read access of all apps

Most targeted

Get full use of one app + light use of the rest

Team Members Enterprise edition


per user/month,

depending on how many users you sign up

Individual apps


per user/month,

depending on which apps you choose

Includes light use of these apps:

• Dynamics 365 for Operations

• Dynamics 365 for Sales

• Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

• Dynamics 365 for Field Service

• Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation

+ Microsoft PowerApps with Flow


* Lower promotional pricing in effect. See plans and pricing for details.

 • Dynamics 365 for Operations, €160

• Dynamics 365 for Sales, €80

• Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, €80

• Dynamics 365 for Field Service, €80

• Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation, €80

+ Microsoft PowerApps, €34


* Lower promotional pricing in effect. See plans and pricing for details.

Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation: Enterprise Edition

Create profitable relationships

Earn your customers’ long-term trust—and ongoing business—by reliably setting and meeting their expectations using intelligent tools.

• Deliver accurate estimates to start your relationships right.

• Become a trusted adviser, using collaborative planning tools.

• Use a repeatable service model for on-time, on-budget projects.

Enable productive employees

Help your teams work efficiently by giving them automation technology and a complete view into their client relationships.

• Raise retention rates by matching employees and jobs.

• Provide collaboration tools to up your team’s productivity.

• Offer training through self-service tools and portals.

Innovate to grow

Rely on our innovative solution to provide the insights you need to prepare for change, stay competitive, and grow profitably.

 • Set clear, companywide business development priorities.

• Stay agile using real-time metrics to manage multiple deliverables.

• Make decisions fast using Power BI and Excel reports.

Project planning
Mobile productivity
Time + expenses
Resource scheduling
Customer billing
Solution selling

Project planning


Make it easy for your sales and project managers to collaborate on estimates using templates. For professional services automation, this app also links to Microsoft Project, with its scheduling and management strength, to improve your project planning from estimation to completion.


Support Options
Email Support: support@interworks.cloud
Support Details

All Interworks Cloud Services come with a FREE Starter Support plan, to cover your possible troubleshooting and information needs and demands.

The out of the box Starter Support plan for end-customers features:

  • Support: 8 hrs x 5 Days Support, 09:00-17:00 (GMT+2) Mon-Fri
  • Contact support via: Email or Website
  • Response Time: 1 business day
  • Monthly Support Tickets: 5
  • Online Ticket Summaries: 1


  • Should you use the Starter Support Plan, you can only make use of the features available in other support plans by upgrading to these.
  • A support plan is upgraded during the next business day.

Care to find out more about the different, exclusive Interworks Support Plans? Check out the various editions in and Interworks Customer Support that fit your needs, best.